Contract Drafting/ Vetting/ Abstracting/Negotiation/Management

We provide comprehensive, all round legal support which any corporate would require with respect to contracts/ agreements.

Our Contract Drafting and Vetting Services aims to create/ vet the contract in a full proof manner while balancing the requirements of all parties involved. We help law firms/ corporates in analyzing drafts and to prepare standardize and customized templates covering any sought of commercial or personal transaction.

Upon execution of contract, we extend our services to Management of Contract wherein we track the start and end date of contract, addressing mid-level compliances if any, ensuring timely renewal of contract etc.

We also provide Contract Abstraction Services wherein our team of lawyer proficient in laws governing the contract, extract key variables from the clauses of the contract. Abstracting relevant information from a contract covering details like payment terms, termination dates, parties, compliances etc. helps in smooth running of the contract.

Various law firms and business corporates from the data centric industries like pharmaceutical, IT, banking, insurance etc. have availed our services relating to contract drafting/ management/ abstraction. In fact, for some of these clients, we have gone ahead and carried out contract negotiation activities successfully.