Where we work

Where we work

Our City office:
This office also deals with corporate matters as well as litigation. Cases that have larger matter would be considered on this premises. You will find it is based in a convenient location for the High Court as well as the International Dispute Resolution Centre in Fleet Centre. We also benefit from further expertise on these matters as many of our employees working in this office are experts in this field.

We are prepared to meet with clients or prospective clients over new matters, without charge so that we are able to give our view or an overview of what we would consider the issues or merits of the case to be and the best way to proceed with the matter according to the clients objectives.

We will also consider Conditional Fee Arrangements or Damage-Based Agreement in suitable circumstances. We also ensure that we manage the work appropriately whilst contemplating the value involved in the work. This assists in ensuring that our costs are proportionate to the value of the dispute in litigation and to the value of the transaction, specifically in the Company and Commercial Law sector.

Our Corporate office:
This is where we handle High Court litigation, Arbitration national or international, and a wide range of commercial law. This is including joint venture agreements, commodity contracts, aircraft purchase – sale and leasing, EPC contracts. Our employees also deal with company law matters such as company formation in England and overseas, shareholders’ agreements, corporate structuring and restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Our office in East London:
Here, we handle a wide range of immigration issues and cases. In addition to this, we deal with housing, employment, matrimonial and landlord and tenant matters. Generally, all matters relating to County Court are dealt with at this premises.