Litigation High Court

We handle a wide range of litigation matters including breach of contract, fraud based claims which may require freezing orders and tracing of assets, actions involving foreign law or foreign law elements, tort, trust and constructive trust claims and many more.
The essential element of litigation, is to determine at the outset what the merits of the claims are and to keep them in mind as the litigation progresses. Too many cases,  with other firms, are only assessed properly in the last few weeks before the case comes to trial, which often leaves the client with a more pessimistic view of potential outcomes when most of the expenditure for trial has been incurred. Particularly if we are considering a CFA or DBA it is essential for us to evaluate your claim in detail from the outset in order to form a realistic view of the likelihood of  success of the various heads of claim and how best to pursue them.
Our City office is a few minutes walk from the Court of Appeal and Queens Bench Division in the Strand and from the Commercial Court and Chancery Division at the Rolls Buildings in Fetter Lane. This enable us to issue claims and applications and be at court speedily, without the need to charge clients for extensive traveling time.